We help people and companies stay on top of today's digital needs.


Our story

we started with one goal in mind...

Longest Road Media (LRM) is a young tech company based in downtown Northampton, Massachusetts.  

We set out with one simple philosophy: If you gather the greatest minds in one room you can solve any problem.

And that's what we did.

We've assembled a fantastic team and network of the finest developers, coders, graphic designers, photographers, videographers, internet marketers, advertisers and businesspeople. 

We have everything and everyone under one roof and together we can run any digital business you can think of. 

We help people and companies, like you, start or improve their websites, helping to drive sales, leads, traffic and customers.

We're an inventive lot - and we're always looking for ways to use technology to our advantage. We've written scripts for tedious and repetitive business processes, patented a brand new way to advertise on mobiles and have just finished finalizing a strategy that guarantees an increase in Instagram followers, and that's just what we've been up to this week. 😉

We help you grow your customers and give you everything you need to grow your digital presence, beautifully furnishing your little slice of the internet space.

At Longest Road Media, we don’t pretend there’s a quick fix to creating a digital masterpiece; there are no shortcuts.

What about the name?

If you've ever played the popular board game Settlers of Catan you know already know all about the Longest Road. 

What the Longest Road represents to us is a long, continuous path of success. Like the fashion industry, web design never stops. Your website is never really 'complete', it's a living-breathing part of you and your business that continues to evolve over time. 

Here at Longest Road, we plan on being there for the long haul.