How much does a website cost?

The number one question I get is how much does a website cost?

The easiest answer is to say, it depends.

It depends on how many pages, how much content you have, how much needs to be done.

The ways to pay for websites:

#1 Per project

This means just like you say.

The big problem with this method is it leaves a lot of ambiguity and room for a lot of error on both sides.

The hardest part to determine is when is the website considered “done”

Because a businesses website will never be ‘done’ as a designer we can only get the website up and running to a specific point in time. Right now.

And as the timeline drags on the business continues to change. The previous design you selected could already be outdated by the time we’re ready to launch. Especially in large organizations with many levels of approval.

#2 Hourly