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Is it time for a web upgrade...

When it comes to manufacturing, we understand your website is not a big direct sales tool for you, but it is extremely important.

Did you know: 82% of people research your company online before deciding to do business with you. 

What’s the first thing you do when you meet someone new in a business setting? You probably pull out your phone and check out their website.

To new prospects, your website is a direct reflection of you and the quality of your business. Are you satisfied with an old-outdated website that asks that question “is this even an active company?”

Let us give you a website presence that you’ll be proud of.


Our Done-For-You
Website Design Service

We take the hassle out of your design experience
and deliver you a website you’ll be proud of.


Make a great first impression.

Your website is your first impression to your business to new clients, potential employees and future buyers.


Mobile & tablet friendly design.

These days every one is on their phone. That’s how most people now access your website. We’ll put your design with mobile and tablet in mind.


Increase value of your company.

Your website is an asset. If/when you want explore exits or potential acquisition of your business, your website can increase the value of your company.


do you have a web guy
you can count on?


It’s all about the right people and the process.

We are marketing assassins for hire. We take your website very seriously. We love website design and love what we do for a living everyday. We will be brand ambassadors for your brand and do our best to bring your vision and your company to live via the interwebs.

Basically, we help to tell your story online. Because it’s your business, we quickly need to learn everything about who you are, what you do and what makes you special. We then go to digital magic to bring it to life.

We hope you enjoy our work.
-Nick Moszynski, Executive Director

Recent Launches

We’ve launched over 25 websites in the past year.

Here’s a list of recent Manufacturers we’ve helped
modernize their digital presence.


Here’s what we can do for you:

Whether you need an upgrade or a new website altogether, we use the most up-to-date technology to develop a cutting-edge digital presence that's simple and easy for your customers to navigate.


Website Design

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Frequently Asked Questions


1| How much? +

One million dollars.

Yeah right, We’re not the most expensive and we’re not the cheapest.

Like you, we utilize lean principals and a streamlined process to remain effective. Our websites cost in the range of $3,500 to $12,500+ depending on how detailed you want us to be. I understand price is important, but you get what you pay for.

2| How long? +

Here’s where the Longest Road difference really comes into play. We turn around most websites within 30-days from signing the contract. And most importantly, we deliver!

It’s the difference between having an “UNDER CONSTRUCTION” tagline for months (even years), versus getting the job done.

3| Can I get this cheaper? +

You can always get something cheaper...but you don't have the cheapest house, the cheapest car or went to the cheapest college. In fact, I bet you have the nicest house on your street, the nicest car in the lot and went to a top school.

We don't do cheap, but we are affordable because we're really good at this.

4| Where are you located? +

We're in Northampton, Mass, based just outside Springfield in Western Mass.

We serve clients all over the country and especially the Northeast. We're happy to meet in person at your office, we also work via screenshare and over the phone.

5| I still have questions? +

Of course, contact me directly here:

I look forward to hearing from you.